June 14, 2013

First Sushi Experience...

I'm known as a pretty fussy eater, so when me and Holly went to Yo Sushi yesterday it was a shock that I actually loved the food!

I've never eaten sushi before because I've never really liked fish, but I somehow managed to avoid that...

The way Yo Sushi works is pretty cool too, you get to press a little button that makes the most adorable noises when you want to order, and you get little taps for water on each individual table!

Me loving the little tap maybe a bit too much...
We ordered some hot food off the menu but couldn't wait so took a plate off the conveyor belt to share. We have no idea what was inside but it was really nice!

The powder on the outside was a little spicy but we could just about manage it, and the seaweed and rice were amazing!

The Chicken Teriyaki was also amazing, we got a plate each! The sauce was perfect and not spicy at all.

Once again avoiding fish.. this plate was only £1.80 and had cucumber inside the rice with seaweed wrapped around- also delicious!

I would definitely visit Yo Sushi again- just looking at these photos is making me hungry! Overall, my first experience of sushi was a resounding success...

Beth x

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