May 29, 2013

Kenzo Obsession

I seem to be seeing Kenzo everywhere at the moment, just scrolling through Instagram or seeing the copies of the Kenzo Tiger every High Street shop seems to have put on their jumpers- I can't get away from it! This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it could potentially be bad for my bank balance.. (When does that next loan come through?!)

The other week I saw the cutest picture of some embroidered Kenzo pumps that a fellow blogger had bought and it was love at first sight...

Kenzo ballerina flats- 260euros from Kenzo Paris

And then of course there is the famous Kenzo Tiger Jumper which brands such as Zara and ASOS have taken for their own designs...

Grey Kenzo Sweatshirt- 195euros

May 28, 2013

White blazer - 3 Ways

So, this blazer is from Zara, priced at £49.99 & heres our take on wearing it three ways:

With all this 1920s nostalgia going around with the release of The Great Gatsby, it only made sense to base my outfit on an iconic image: the 1920s gangster. Think Scarface, Gangster Squad and Bugsy Malone. We all know monochrome is big this season, why not combine it with something so momentarily culturally relevant? Loved the Topshop Jumpsuit as soon as I saw it, it's so smart! The Zara Heels were an obvious choice, with heeled sandals being everywhere at the moment, the Michael Kors Clutch Bag is a bit expensive but SO worth it, and the MAC Lipstick (Russian Red) just ties the whole outfit together.
Beth x

When I first looked at the blazer I immediately thought to do an all-white outfit as its one of the key summer trends! So, I found these shorts from TOPSHOP, they're high-waisted & a bit longer which is great! I'd wear them under the blazer with these amazing white strappy shoes from RIVER ISLAND which just keep in with the minimalism of the outfit. Finally the earrings are from ACCESSORIZE which add an elegant touch of colour! - P.S, don't forget the tit-tape, available at BOOTS
Chinah x

I LOVE this white blazer.
I understand when you think of a white blazer you immediately think of smart and occasional. However personally, as a student I don’t have many smart events to go to, so for me it would be an outfit I could wear out in Southampton.  
For my outfit choice, I chose to dress this white blazer with Levi shorts, which can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Despite looking amazing with this outfit, they are a must in every girl’s wardrobe and can be worn for multiple occasions, so make sure you have a pair in your wardrobe this summer!!
For my top I chose a loose fitting white vest from H&M.  I would wear this tucked in but still worn baggy. This is plain and affordable but dressed with this outfit looks ideal.

SHOES, as always, need to be incredible and high. The taller the better! For my outfit choice, I went for these statement shoes from Topshop, I LOVE these.
I've accessorised the whole outfit with a black belt and black clutch to finish off the outfit. For me I would add a statement watch and this would complete my look.   
The secret to this outfit is making sure that the blazer is slightly over-sized and worn undone.   
Holly x

May 26, 2013

Rimmel Reviews

A couple of days ago I went a bit Rimmel mad and decided to buy a few bits for summer and because I hadn't bought new make-up in a while. Needed some extra things for my face and was getting sick of my mascara too so tried a brand new one I found in Boots.

Here they are...

My previous BB Cream, which was Maybelline, was almost like a tinted moisturiser and was really really light, it blended into your skin tone really well. I got this one after I got a spray tan as my face was a bit darker but was slightly disappointed as it's really thick- thicker than liquid foundation. It goes on smoothly but not what I want from a BB Cream unfortunately!
Rimmel BB Cream 9-In-1: £4.99

May 25, 2013

Ready for festival season?

Lucky us - we are off to Bestival in September with a few of our other girlfriends, very exciting, especially for myself and Holly as we are festival virgins, although Beth has already been-there done that, got the t-shirt, she is equally just as excited! 

So, with all this festival talk we are already planning our wardrobes! Now Bestival is known for its fancy dress themes, but whether heading to Bestival or not I presume that everyone loves a bit of fancy dress! And in general most festival attire could pretty much pass for fancy dress too! 

Here's a quick snippet of what's on my must-have list! 

Hunter wellies, John Lewis price £79
Hunter are the obvious go-to when it comes to wellies, a staple for any festival wardrobe!

Amazing Zara Heels!

Hey guys, this is a really quick post, as I've just come across these shoes (late-night online shopping, nothing worse for the bank account! but hey-ho) and thought I had to share them! 

Made In Chelsea, Fashion Highlights

Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s Made in Chelsea as much as we did!! If you haven’t watched it yet, it is a must watch and the girls, as always, looked amazing. Below are a few of my favourite looks from this series (episode 7, series 5)

I absolutely LOVE this silver metallic top, Lucy wore when meeting Spencer and Jamie for drinks. Paired with black jeans, a casual clipped-back hair do and flawlessness make up, Lucy Watson was looking hot. How could Spencer let her walk away? I do not know.

This top can be purchased at maje for £150. 

The Great Gatsby!

The movie of the moment! Unless you've been living under a rock then you would've seen, heard or read about The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, to name a few. Released in the UK last Thursday, the film has already whipped up a storm, increasing sales of 1920s jewellery and 'frocks' up and down the high-street! I was lucky enough to see the film on the day of its release and it didn't disappoint. Not to mention its ah-ma-zing soundtrack! (Think Lana DelRey, Beyonce, Andre 3000... you get the gist!), though if like me you haven't read the novel you may find the plot slightly strange, but none the less intriguing. 

Visually The Great Gatsby cannot be faulted, a 1920s whimsical dream! 
Party scene from the film

Cannes 2013 So Far...

So the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off in style on May 15, starting with the premier of the much anticipated The Great Gatsby.

After official Great Gatsby dancers performed on the red carpet, the celebrities flooded in. Some of my personal favourites from the premier included...

Cara Delevingne in floor-length lace Burberry

Michael Kors Watch

The first thing I NEED to add to this ‘lust list’ is a Gold Michael Kors Watch. This is something I have wanted for months but haven’t been able to yet make mine!!  They roughly cost around £250 depending on which watch. This is something I need to get ASAP which will be the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.

Full range can be purchased from  Michael Kors official website

Holly x 

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag

I think I would be silly if I didn't put this on my wishlist this week, as its picture has been stuck on my wall for months now so I can look at it every day.

Givenchy released the Lucrezia for Spring 2013 and has been available since February.

There are loads of different colours and designs but my favourites are the baby pink and the baby blue, I am in love with pastels at the moment.

Baby Pink- The colour on my wall!

Monochrome Checkerboard

Baby Blue- Also a personal favourite

Paisley Print

The bags are available to buy at:

For the most colours I would recommend Givenchy themselves.

Beth x

Saint Laurent 'arty' ring

Now, I know this isn't a new item on the market, but unfortunately it still hasn't made its way into my life, on to my finger! Roughly £215 (depending on store) these rings are beautiful and come in an array of colours! Want want want! 

The rings are available at concessions such as Harrods & Selfridges and of course Saint Laurent stores.

Chinah x 

Zara Bag Haul

Okay so usually 'hauls' are when you buy loads of make-up or clothes and share your purchases with the public, me and Chinah have basically done this but with handbags. From Zara. That's all.

It was a week or so before our final hand-ins for our first year so we were feeling a little stressed, and when you can't fit any more shoes in your tiny uni wardrobe (Chinah has more than 40 pairs of heels alone...), the obvious succession is handbags.

I'm pretty sure we went into Zara in Southampton 3 days in a row, we're soon going to be on first name terms with the staff...

Chanel "Le Volume" review

We're constantly having new mascaras shoved in our faces and as I have barely any lashes I'm always on the look-out for one to make them "grow"/or look like Cheryl Cole's! I also have sensitive skin, so I'm not into products which contain everything under the sun...

Typically I use Chanel's Sublime mascara in black, a little biased due to the great service I always receive at the Chanel counters in John Lewis (free samples usually available with brush testers and some with mascara too!)

Although I love this mascara like most I'm always open to finding something better, and have recently bought Chanel's brand new Volume mascara Le Volume De Chanel

Tried and tested, I think this may be my new fave! 

Goodbye freshers!

At the start of the Uni year way back in September we were thrown into a hall of 12 (6 boys and 6 girls) and were "forced" to attempt to live civilly....

8 months later and all six girls still remain and all are still friends, we decided to go out for a nice meal to say goodbye as next Uni year we wont all be living together!

Quick, easy, healthy dinner

At Uni its sometimes hard to eat healthily, on a budget and on top of that something thats quick to make! Last week I had a lovely dinner of fish, rocket and peppers, which took 20minutes and required little to no prep!

The finished product

Cosmo Cosmo Cosmo!

So, The Cosmopolitan, a b-e-a-utiful blend of vodka, cranberry, triple sec and a touch of orange/lime/something with some zing. Its a drink favoured by many (such as myself - crazily obsessed) and made infamous by the likes of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC. 

Samatha, Carrie and Charlotte in SATC the series. 

For me the Cosmopolitan cannot be beat, (without trying to sound sexist) the Cosmopolitan is the woman's version of what the Martini is to the James-Bond-esque man... and here is a list of my top three in Southampton:

May 18, 2013

Bit of fashion work...

I thought it'd be a good idea to share some of my Fashion Promotion & Communication work with you to give more of an idea of what I like, the work I do and what I'm interested - this work was all created during my art foundation year at Epsom UCA.
The following pieces are taken from projects where I decided to pin the focus on women..

A piece from my FMP (final major project) "What is a woman?"

May 16, 2013

Chiquito - lunch review

                   Chiquito is a Mexican restaurant and bar with sites up and down the country... Follow this link to find your nearest Where's my Chiquito?

My first visit was last week to one of Chiquito's Portsmouth restaurants. My mum kindly took me to lunch, and we sat on The Boardwalk at Port-Solent, outside in the sunshine
(This particular Chiquito has stunning views, overlooking a yacht filled port!)

Mum chose Mexican Chicken Skewers, whilst I opted for (as usual) a Burger! Yum yum!
Both gorgeous, mine with spicy rice (although deffinitely okay for the faint-hearted as not very spicy) and Mum's with a corn on the cob.

Mother and her meal

May 15, 2013

Night-Out Beauty Look

Hey guys! So while we've been at uni, we've found the best student night in Southampton to be on a Tuesday. As it was Tuesday last night, I thought I'd share with you my make-up look which I wore out.

My outfit was a crop top and pleather skater skirt, both in black, which gave off a Parisian grunge vibe, so I chose a red lip, dark eyebrows and a simple black eye flick with liquid eyeliner.

May 14, 2013


Three students each studying at Southampton Solent University, we first met in University Halls and as cheesy as it sounds we have been friends ever since; with a mutual love of fashion, beauty and cosmos a joint blog was an obvious idea. There is a little more about us below...

Bethanie Kershaw: 
- 19 years old
- Studying Magazine 
Journalism & Feature Writing
 - From Exeter, Devon
- Avid coffee drinker

Chinah Keen:
- 20 years old
- Studying Fashion Promotion
- From Putney, London
- Unhealthy Zara obsession
- Aspiring fashion buyer
Holly Pearson:
- 19 years old
- Studying Fashion Management
with Marketing
- From Swindon, Wiltshire
- Enthusiastic traveller
- Lover of AllSaints 

The concept of love la mode is slightly different to regular blogs as you are able to benefit from three opinions rather than one. Covering a range of topics such as fashion&beauty, lifestyle... as well as our City Chic section which looks at fun things happening in and around London (or anywhere else we may venture). Along with this we post all our tips and tricks that we've picked up from family or friends. Hope you enjoy, C, B & H x 

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Blog Overhaul! - May 2013

Hey guys, revamping the blog - which is now no longer known as ChinahTown but instead Love-LaMode additionally, Beth Kershaw and Holly Pearson are now also writing the blog with me! Bringing more fashion, beauty and event posts to you!

New bloggers, Beth and Holly.

hope you enjoy, love Chinah, Holly and Beth x 

Teatum Jones at The Dorchester (a wonderful day out with Mum)

Warning: This will be a biased post as I absolutely LOVE the Dorchester, and Teatum Jones! (Why are they not included in London Fashion Week? Someone please?)

We arrived slightly early and it was a gorgeous day so we done a bit of tourist style sight-seeing…

My dress: River Island, Bag: Zara, Leopard dolly shoes: John Lewis.
(link goes to specific item)