September 17, 2012

My summer highlights

Another summer post, this time about my own personal summer highlights! So previous to SATC2 being released I had been obsessed by the thought of going to Egypt; the pyramids, the culture and of course to ride a camel ;) ...although after being influenced by the film my wanderlust turned toward Morocco (the Souk markets in the film got me!) ...So that is where I ended up in June having my very own "Arabian Princess" experience!

I went with my friend Kairo (yes true, Chinah and Kairo - funny and unlikely coincidence) and we stayed at the Club Hotel Riu Tikida Dunas in Agadir -we decided to not stay in Marrakesh as its an inland city so has no beach!
I have to be honest and say our hotel was incredible and our only let down was our rep from Thomas cook, apart from him - no complaints! Excellent hotel staff, food, rooms, pool and beach!
Although I must also say; the opportunities and excursions offered by Thomas Cook were like the hotel - incredible. We decided to take up three of the trips, Camel riding, a trip to the Souks with dinner etc in Marrakesh and a Fantasia dinner experience!

Having a dim moment when back home in England I managed to forget the code on my iphone, therefore had all my data wiped and lost the majority of our holiday photos! (literally devastating) Though here are some of the photos I had taken on my digital camera...

Camel riding! Awesome experience - definitely recommend. Jumpsuit  - Zara, Shoes -  Toms, Sunglasses - Topshop.

September 09, 2012

Patriotic summer.

September 09, 2012.

The British "Summer" of 2012, (not exactly a summer but you know) was definitely a patriotic one:
The first Royal Wedding anniversary (April), the Queens Diamond Jubilee (June) and last but not least the 2012 Olympics (July). Personally I didn't think that the Olympics would go well at all, although I can happily & proudly say I've been proved wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get stuck into it all, although here are the bits of the "proud to be British" summer I did capture...

The Olympic bike race coming through Sheen from Priory Lane/Richmond Park was quite surreal, I managed to catch it on my way home from work, and got a few snaps on my iphone:


September 01, 2012

The year of underwear.

2012 has definitely been the year for what goes on under our clothes. British women supposedly spend £2 billion on underwear every year! and over the last, (I'd say) three years underwear literally moved into our wardrobes as outerwear.. (I'm not too big of a fan of this trend myself, I think there needs to be a lot of rules to get it right, and I prefer fashion thats a bit more flexible. Though I must admit when right it is fab)

News has just broke that Agent Provocateur is to be opening a store in Mayfair (opening date hasn't been let out of the bag just yet but possibly by the end of the year) V.exciting!! Not only this but Victoria's Secret has launched two stores in London this year (a smaller store in Westfield Stratford) & a Flagship store on Bond Street; I was lucky enough to get down there on opening day! (29 Aug; not so lucky for my boyfriend who sat playing on his iphone for over an hour as I excitedly ran round)

Personally amazed by the outside of the store, I couldn't wait to get inside..
To my joy the inside was just as fascinating; high ceilings, tiled floors and countless amounts of glitz and glam underwear heaven in between.

Walls adorned with photos of VS models